ABC Warrior Robot
The ABC Warrior was an old robot used in a previous war.


The ABC Warrior eventually ended up in the hands of the legal arms dealer Geiger. After Geiger was killed by Rico, Rico reprogrammed the Robot to obey his command. Afterwards the Robot was Rico's main muscle and did any necessary heavy combat for him and Dr. Ilsa. When Judge Griffin suggests they reboot the Janus Project and the council refuses, he has the robot kill the council and blames it on Dredd.

Later when Rico no longer needed Griffin he had the robot pull him apart. It is later used in an attempt to kill Judge Hershey and Fergee but only manages to injure Fergee. When its back is turned Fergee manages to hack into the robot and uses it to destroy the Janus Lab and its Rico Clones. It is either destroyed or deactivated after Rico had been killed.

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