ABC Warriors
Biographical information
Gender Male and Female Programmed
Family N/A
Postion Robot Soldier Group
Affiliation President Robert L. Booth
Harold Quartz (Both Pre-formation)
Nemesis the Warlock
Order of Khaos
Alignment Neutral
Status Still Active
Cause N/A
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown

The ABC Warriors are a gang of Robots from across the universe, sometimes acting as a force for justice, other time nothing more than a group of mercenarys. They are the titular heroes of their own series which began before but lived into the far future of Dredd's timeline and have crossed over with various characters from the series.


Judge dredd
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There have been twelve members of the ABC Warriors since their introduction in prog 119 in 1979, this includes those listed below.

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