The much maligned Accounts Division are the Judges and auxiliaries that handle Justice Department's finances.

Judge Dredd views them as irrelevant pencil pushers who get in the way of Street Division and has had numerous clashes with them. In 2134, Judge Maitland - one of the few combat-ready Accounts Judges - criticised Dredd for this, arguing that it was Accounts that ensured the other divisions were able to do their jobs.[1] Many other Street Judges hold this view and so do a number of Accounts workers. In order to impersonate Accounts, a criminal gang had to learn how to slump and look like they felt inferior in front of 'real' Judges.[2]

Judge Quimby was both Head of Accounts and on the Council of Five[3] from 2101 to 2104, when he was killed by the Apocalypse War. (When Dredd mentioned Councillors who could talk with East Meg One with the Chief Judge incapacitated, Quimby was not listed)

When Bachmann launched her coup in 2134, 72.342% of Accounts - including the division head - were killed. Maitland was promoted to be the new head.[4]


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