BodyShark is an Illegal operation in Mega-City One run by Remington Ratner.

The ProcessEdit

The process is similair to that of a loanshark. However Bodyshark demands that they keep a person from the person there lending money to (A love one). They then put said person in cryo-sleep until the loan has been repaid and will threaten to kill the person cryo-sleep. Making there sleep permanent.

Statiscally, one citizen in every four will have dealings with a body shark during there life time.

Taking down a OperationEdit

Judge Dredd learn of Remington illegal operation when they found  the body of the now deceased Old widow Mungo. (Her son put her there to help finance there busted operation. When Dredd confronted Ratner about this.He dismiss it by saying he had nothing to do with the killing of Old widow Mungo with his team of lawyer saying Mister Ratner has a air tight alibi.

When Judge Dredd ran into a man trying to steal to pay the bodyshark back. Judge dredd and a team of judges use him to track down a bodyshark operation and was able to take it down. However since no one talked Judge Dredd knew Ratner will walk free and worse still that he probably had thousand others bodyshark-like operations running in the city.

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