Bruja, also Bruja City, is a megacity on former Haiti. It's associated with poverty, corruption and devil worship, and the local Judge force are known for brutality. They also have a national sport of powerboarding.[1]


In 2115, Mega-City One accepted a wave of Brujerian asylum seekers and housed them in part of Iso-block 66. Some of them were pursued by the thuggish Judge Greene.[2]

Bruja's Winston Churchill competed in Supersurf 13.

In 2117, a scavenger gang under Captain Hyde tried to steal chemical weapons in the Antarctic Territories for a Bruja client.[3]


The Judge force have a simple helmet with visor and two 'bars' over the left shoulder rather than shoulder pads. They've only been shown in Asylum, with one blog stating that due to the art style "to this day I don’t know what colour the Bruja uniform is – it’s a sort of blue, or white, or both." [4]


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