Casablanca survived the Atomic Wars and has grown into a megacity. It somehow moved to Algeria.


Sometime before 2112, Casablanca had moved to Algeria to escape the growing Great African Dustbowl. The city was highly disorganised, lacked any formal law, and was occupied by the Algerian army.[1]

On Judgement Day, Casablanca was invaded by the zombie hordes and put out a final broadcast as it prepared to fall. Luckily, Sabbat was defeated minutes later.

By 2117, Casablanca had an operating Judge force. A delegation attended a doomed InterDep conference; among its number were Marrakechi Judges.[2]

The city also joined Luna-1's "Global Lunar Partnership Treaty", agreeing to guarantee the neutrality of Luna-1 and provide Judicial assistance. In reality it hoped, like all Treaty members, to have influence in the lucrative colony.[3]

Casablanca's Judges had an exchange program with Mega-City One by 2118. Psi-Judge Hassid, a prodigy from a long line of Islamic seers, was on secondment to the city when he had a premonition of death on the moon. He accompanied Dredd to Luna-1 - where it turned out it was his own death he was foreseeing.[4]

In 2126, Casablanca was one of multiple states that stepped back and allowed the Sov Block to violate Luna-1's sovereignty. Casablanca's ambassador personally questioned Dredd's request for aid. [5]


Maps produced at the start of 2116 said Casablanca lacked formal law[6] but a functioning Judge force existed by 2117.

Casablancan Psi-Judges dressed like imams and were allowed the use of drugs to induce trances.[7]


The world map in prog 701 accidentally placed Casablanca inland and in the wrong country. Paul Cornell's map of Pan-Africa took a tongue-in-cheek approach to this, claiming the city had indeed upped sticks and moved.


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