City of Dead was a Psi-Judge Anderson comic serial originally published in the Judge Dredd Megazine. It consisted of six parts, serialised between Issues 231 and 236.

Summary Edit

The Half-Life virus has begun to affect Mega-City One, with citizens murdering each other or committing suicide en masse. Cassandra Anderson is called out to an incident at Al's Skuke of Filosofy, where she takes down Al and another citizen before they can kill her.

At Psi-Division HQ, it has been determined that the wave of death sweeping the City is due to nanobots being augmented with the Half-Life virus. Due to the risks to telepaths, Chief Shenker orders that all telepathy is halted.

Working on a hunch, Anderson takes Shakta to visit the Department of the Supernatural. After Chief Fauster and Gistane act strangely, Anderson decides to ignore Shenker's orders and use telepathy to enter Fauster's mind. Inside, she finds death imagery and symbols of immortality. She then finds herself fighting off a demon that Fauster has created as security for his mind. Meanwhile in the real world, Fauster has sent Gistane to kill Anderson's physical form. After Shakta intercedes, Anderson is able to wake up and kill Gistane.

The Half-Life virus is decimating Mega-City One, and Chief Judge Hershey is at risk of losing control. Anderson works out why she didn't become infected at Al's Skule, and manages to recreate a series of sounds that occured there and broadcast them over the City. The wave of death stops.

Fauster is arrested. He was using the virus and nanobots to make himself immortal, and didn't plan for the virus to be released into the City. He is sentenced to an eternal life inside his own nightmarish mindscape in absolute terror.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • This story marks the end of a story-arc that has run through the last three Psi-Judge Anderson stories, "Half-Life", "WMD" and "Lock-In".

Notes Edit

  • Judge Dredd makes a brief cameo as one of the Judges struggling to contain the effects of the Half-Life virus.

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