Ciudad España is a megacity located in the centre of Spain, likely based around Madrid.

The Judge's have flamboyant dress uniforms, which to Barbara Hershey made them look like matadors.[1]

Spanish skysurfer Stenhauser was one of the unlucky competitors at the bloody Supersurf 11.


  • 2110s - Tensions over Brit-Cit's control of Gib Rock continued into the 2110s, complete with 'border incidents'. This was one of the reasons Brit-Cit nuked the Rock just to be rid of it.[2]
  • 2112 - During a global Fortean Event in 2112, seventy-three Cuidad España stigmata-sufferers spontaneously mimicked the Sacred Wounds. [3]
  • 2117 -The city's Judges were involved with the InterDep organisation and sent a delegation to the ill-fated 2117 meeting.[4]


First depicted in the prog 701 world map.


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