The Culling Crews were covert assassination teams, the last and dirtiest option to quietly remove threats to the global system. They were set up and run by "the People" (who became InterDep), an offshoot of various foreign intelligence services and known of only by the highest ranking of Judges.[1]

In the late 2090s, the Culling Crews were created out of "biots": genetically engineered, horribly abused children (then legal under international laws) grown in Bangkok or in post-rad Manchester. An intense training and engineering program was done to make them trained killers, with other child biots turned into psi-linked biological computers ("Babes") to assist them. [2]

Known operations included the assassination of an insane Sov general after the Apocalypse War to prevent a reprisal attack; the 2106 murder of a yakuza boss's wife and son so they couldn't be used as leverage[3]; and the murder of Brit-Cit gangster Benny Kane in 2116, including the death of Judges who got too close. [4]

They were compromised along with InterDep and used to destabilise megacities before every operative bar one was killed in 2117. The megacities discussed recreating the Culling Crew to carry on removing such threats.[5] However, they were never heard from since and their surviving operative began working for Brit-Cit's Star Chamber.[6]


  • Dave Stone planned to re-use the post-Wetworks Crew in a rejected Armitage pitch.[7]
  • Details were retconned or dropped between Wetworks and The Mancunian Candidate, where the main Crew member is said to be a Brit-Cit government covert op.


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