Judge Pepper was Deputy Chief Judge of Mega City One from 2101 to 2103, succeeding DCJ Grampus.

Character BiographyEdit

After losing a leg in the 21st century, Pepper retired from active service and became a tutor at the Academy of Law, where he taught many of the city's most important and senior judges while they were cadets, including teaching Applied Leadership to both Judge Dredd and future Chief Judge Cal. When Chief Judge Cal became insane Pepper volunteered to fight with Dredd to depose the tyrant. In the moment of victory, Dredd was offered the position of chief judge, but he declined in favour of Judge Griffin. Griffin then appointed Pepper as his deputy. Two years later Pepper was assassinated by game show contestants from a reality television show, in which contestants gained points by confessing to crimes they had not yet been caught for. Pepper's death led to the show being taken off the air. An artist oversight in this story saw him die with the full complement of two legs.

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