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Biographical information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Postion King of the Big Smelly
Affiliation Joe Dredd
Alignment Good
Status Deceased
Cause Fell from great hight
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance 2000 AD - #100
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown
Fergee is a character in the Judge Dredd universe, first introduced in prog 100 of 2000 AD.


Fergee was a hulking man standing several feet high, he was muscular and hairy with an ugly and slightly mishapen face. He wore 1970's brit punk-esque clothing and carried a large baseball bat at all times.


Fergee was an idiot barely even able to spell his own name, and was often looking for a fight. He was however more noble than one might think.


Fergee lives in the Undercity of Mega-City One near the highly polluted river "The Big Smelly". He rose to become a renown leader amongst the mutants and other outcasts who reside there. When Judge Dredd crashed into the undercity, during the Anti-Cal Rebellion, Fergee saw the Judge and his fellow rebels as intruders on his territory. He introduced himself as the "King of the Big Smelly" and took on Dredd in hand-to-club combat, losing.

Fergee then led Dredd back up to the surface of Mega-City One, helping him capture a patrol-wagon, upon which Dredd appointed him an honorary Judge. He helped Dredd dispatch a group of Kleggs who had taken over Dredd's apartment in Rowdy Yates Conapts, so that Walter the Wobot could be enlisted to try to steal one of Cal's Judge briefing tapes.

In the final assult on Cal's tower, Fergee rushes in on Cal at the top floor but is shot down by the insane tyrant, however Fergee not yet dead, grabs Cal and smashes through the window, taking Cal with him the two fly down to the depths below before finally colliding with the ground. Dredd erects a statue in his honour.


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