The former Germany is the site of three city-states, Ruhr Conurb, Frankfurt and Munich. The Berlin Conurb was absorbed into Euro-City on the 2080s.

Known German sports champions are Carl Heinz Furt, competing in the 2115 Katmandu Olympics' flatulence competition; skysurfers Klaus Reich of Ruhr Conurb and Jurgen "The Flying Frankfurter" Hasslinger, the latter killed in the bloody Supersurf 11; and legendary Olympiad taxidermist Helmut Körperstopfer, gold medalist at the 2082 Beruit Olympics.


The Berlin Conurb seemed to be relatively peaceful in 2080, just ten years after the Atomic War. The cabaret singer Henk Villem was murdered at the Kool Club by an audience member. Earlier, Kindermakker had launched the Henk Villem clone kit (withdrawn after his death) as part of a Berlin pop stars range; unfortunately, Villem had a latent brain defect that would have caused murderous rages in his middle age and all of the clones had it. In 2128, one of the clones, Gurt Veiner, would be murdering people in Mega-City One.[1]

In 2084, the remainders of the European Union agreed to form a "Euro-City" to better compete in the world. The Berlin Conurb became part of the new megacity.[2]

Sov Block agent Karl Wessel entered Mega-City One under a Berlin identity in 2116.[3]

Nero Narcos's robot body was assembled by German company Mekworks Of Daimler Benz.[4]

In 2121, Devlin Waugh donated a trapped monster to the Black Museum in Munich. It gives oracular utterances every new moon.[5]


There's a Justice Department that covers at least the Berlin Conurb: they were shown in the story Your Beating Heart with dark blue, undecorative uniforms (save for a red brand on the left shoulder), as an ally of Mega-City One. Germanic Judges were also at the InterDep conference in the book "Wetworks".


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