Biographical information
Gender Male
Family N/A
Postion Ex-Judge
Affiliation Mega City-One Judicial System
Alignment Criminal
Status Deceased
Cause Shot by Dredd
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown

Gibson was a corrupt Judge who after becoming dissasitsfied with the law, turned to a life of crime under the guise of Mutie the Pig.


Gibson was physically fit and muscular, he had blonde hair fashioned in a buzzcut style. As Mutie the Pig he wore a jumpsuit and a mask resembleing a half-man half-pig mutant.


Gibson was at one point a good Judge, and he had been friends with both Joe and Rico since they were cadets, he hated having to kill Dredd once, which is why he fails to do it a second time.


Judge dredd
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 him and dredd were best friends at the acadamy of law. he is killed by dredd in a battle to the death 


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