Judge Guthrie
Judge Guthrie Judge Dredd Wiki
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family N/A
Postion Street Judge
Affiliation None
Alignment Good
Status Alive
Cause N/A
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Dredd 3D
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Francis Chouler
Judge Gurthrie was a Street Judge for Mega City One. He plays a minor role in the 2012 "Dredd 3D", portrayed by Francis Chouler.


Guthrie was a short uniformed Judge, seemingly quite thin when compared to his partner.


Gurthrie was a good Street Judge partnered with Judge Volt. One night he and Volt were assigned to check out a Judges Under Fire Call, at the Peach Trees mega-block.

Upon arriving, he and Volt are both locked outside by the Ma-Ma Clan's Techie who says they lost control of the Peach Trees computer system during a War Protocol. Volt informs him that he would place a charge of miscarriage of justice and they would prosecute if it wasn't quickly dealt with.

Later when Ma-Ma hires the corrupt Judges LexChanAlvarez and Kaplan arrive to kill Judges Dredd and Anderson, they relieve Gurthrie and Volt of their duties. 

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