Half-Life was a Psi-Judge Anderson comic serial originally published in the Judge Dredd Megazine. It consisted of four parts, serialised between Issues 214 and 217.


In the parallel universe world of Deadworld, teenager Sandra has been having terrifying dreams of skulls, bones and death. After briefly encountering Sidney De'ath at her school and then witnessing him murder a group of children who bullied him, Sandra's consciousness is replaced with that of Cassandra Anderson.

Cass is in a coma in Mega-City One after her last encounter with Judge Death, but somehow her mind has been transported to Deadworld before Judge Death and the other Dark Judges destroyed the entire world. She decides to prevent this from ever occuring, but while running from Deadworld's Judges she ends up a prisoner of Phobia and Nausea - in their pre-spirit forms. They have created a bizarre creature called Half-Life which carries many deadly diseases.

Cass is tortured and experimented on by Phobia and Nausea, but is freed by Half-Life. Cass then falls in with a small group of people resisting the Judges's growing totalitarianism. She convinces them to attack the Sisters of Death before they turn Sidney into Judge Death, but they arrive too late.

However, just as Death has Cass in his power, she awakes from her coma back in Mega-City One. She quickly realises however that Death has somehow infected her mind with a psychic version of Half-Life, and that if she fully wakes it will be released upon her City. She falls back into a coma.



Notes Edit

  • Deadworld does not train children with detected psionic abilities to become Psi-Judges, but instead uses a variety of methods to eliminate them - including electric shocks.

Reprints Edit

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