Indo-City is one of four megacities in post-war India, along with Bhopal, Calcutta, and Nu-Delhi. While it possesses centres of opulence like the Bollywood Heights neighbourhood, the city is generally quite poor. The tradition of the "untouchables" social caste still persisted in 2117.[1]

It was first introduced on the world map in prog 701: this places it roughly across the former states of Goa and Karnataka, likely encompassing Bangalore and Panaji.


Cadet-Judge Nita Singh was born in poverty in Indo-City. Her parents emigrated to Mega-City One in 2105; she remembered being surrounded by beggars in her childhood.[2]

The city joined Luna-1's "Global Lunar Partnership Treaty", agreeing to guarantee the neutrality of Luna-1 and provide Judicial assistance. In reality it hoped, like all Treaty members, to have influence in the lucrative colony.[3]

As with the rest of the Earth, Indo-City fought off a zombie invasion during Judgement Day.

Occult investigator Eddie Whyteman lived in Indo-City around 2121. He organised ghost orgies in the Bangalore part of the city and got into debt with the Shiva Sect crime gang.

"Nepalese red" was a notorious smoked drug that Indo-City dealers sent to MC-1 in 2118.[4]

In 2121, the city was threatened by the villainous Lord Benjamin Hekt and his clone, Jack of Knives. Jack was able to abduct dogs under the noses of the overstretched Judges (missing dogs usually meant poorer citizens were eating them) and used them to create a totem-bomb. Despite the best efforts of Eddie Whyteman, the bomb triggered the Indian "centre of pestilence" and a 200-mile radius of supernatural devastation hit the continent. Indo-City was almost certainly hit bad. [5]

One of the Indo-City nationals in Luna-1 was Sanjeev Maktoh (avoiding gambling debts back on Earth), working as an auxilary on the moon's Justice Central Medical Department. He was blackmailed into working for Moonie and the Sovs, and attempted to flee to Nu-Delhi in 2126. When the Sov Block made their move, Indo City was one of multiple states that stepped back and allowed them to violate Luna-1's sovereignty.[6]


Indo-City was a dictatorship run by Judges, operating out a Grand Hall of Justice that partially resembled the Taj Mahal. Judges wore a blue uniform with a green left-side shoulder pad and yellow rope over the right shoulder. Sikh Judges wore green turbans with their badge on.

A Judicial contact admitted to Whyteman that they lacked "the resources to search for missing children let alone stray animals". [7]


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