InterDep was a paramilitary force of international Street and Tactical Arms Judges, introduced and disposed of in Dave Stone's Wetworks.

It was set up after Judgement Day and located on the moon, intended as a response to new global threats. It was quickly compromised by "the People", an offshoot of old foreign intelligence services that used Culling Crews to quietly exterminate potential threats to the global Judge systems. The high ranking Judges were aware of the People and their influence on InterDep, and considered it a necessary evil.

The People had been easily taken over by psychotic control freak Harvey Glass and himself by an alien race, who agreed to buy the Earth for entertainment purposes. To make the planet easier to control and turn into a giant movie set, InterDep soldiers were brainwashed to want to clear out "traitors" in the megacities; InterDep was caught backing a faction in the New Jerusalem civil war and running dirty tricks in Ciudad Barranquilla, while Culling Crews quietly murdered thousands to provoke global anarchy.

An InterDep summit in 2117 to discuss greater involvement in the megacities drew out various high-ranking Judges. Global riots were then triggered, leading to InterDep forces being requested to intervene - a pretext for imposing global martial law. Thanks to Dredd, the InterDep forces were killed before landing and the organisation shut down.

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