Douglas 2137

The Isle of Man is a small island between Brit-Cit and the Emerald Isle, which managed to survive the Atomic Wars. Its capital is Douglas.


In 2071, Brit-Cit Covert Ops tried to assassinate a pro-unification Irish politician and sank the cruise liner St Joshua in the process. Unwilling to let the civilians onboard drown, Covert Ops (masquerading as Coast Guard) saved 78 of the boat's passengers and crew. This was one of the key events that ended Emerald Isle and Brit-Cit's historical animosity, and a covert group were set up in the Isle of Man to keep the real events secret. The group were referred to as "Douglas" when talked about. [1]

At some point in the 2120s, Judge-Sergeant Charlie Joyce learned about the coverup. On orders from Douglas, Murphyville's Justice Department had him murdered and framed for having been drunk on duty.[2]

In 2137, Douglas believed Joyce's son Fintan had received his father's notes. They attempted to assassinate him, and when Judge Dredd was drawn in they had a Murphyville black ops squad try to kill them. This escalated to the assassination of Murphyville's Chief Judge to keep him quiet and a shootout at Murphyville Spaceport between Dredd & Joyce and a Murphyville/Brit-Cit team. Eventually, Murphyville Justice Dept grew sick of the issue and a Murphyville/Brit-Cit raid was launched on the Isle of Man to wipe out the cabal. The full events were obscured, but the St Joshua conspiracy had come out. [3]


  • Douglas was said by Emerald Islers in the conspiracy as we would say "Washington" to mean the American government. This also meant that in the strip, "Douglas" appeared first appeared to be a person.
  • The Judges make their landing at Prospect Hill, opposite the "wedding cake" Bank of Mona.


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