RP Game

Judge Dredd: The Role-Playing Game was a miniatures gaming system first published under license by Games Workshop in the 1980s and used a rules system created specifically for the game, which resembled Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. They also published a Judge Dredd boardgame, and another set in Mega-City One based on the Block War concept.

Their hobby magazine, White Dwarf also featured articles for the RPG and also published a rules supplement for their Blood Bowl game (a fantasy version of American football) which included a team of Judges and a team of Fatties. Additional material for the RPG included a collection of articles and adventures, The Judge Dredd Companion, Adventures Slaughter Margin, and Judgement Day. Games Workshop also produced a range of licensed figures for the setting.


See: Judge Dredd: The Role-Playing Game Gallery

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