Judge Labelle is a British Judge From the Country known as Brit-Cit. He was Featured in the Dredd movie spin off movie series known as Cursed Edge.
Judge Labelle (Cursed Edge)

This is a Picture of Labelle interviewing a fattie taken in the fattie block known as Brando.

Role in Cursed EdgeEdit

He is tasked with finding the missing judge. Early on he travels to Brando Block and talks to a Fattie and learns that GEO is where he needs to go next. Athough it still remains unclear if the missing judge was at the GEO becasue Judge Labelle still had not found the missing judge at the end of Chapters 2 or 3 of the movie. Reasons for this vary wildly, some say that the Assasin found in the GEO was the missing judge becasue the fattie indicated this, other say that the missing judge was killed by the assasin, some even sugest that the missing judge might have been down the manhole entrance seen at the end of chapter 3.

At the very end of Chapter 2 Judge Labelle is entering the Park or play area of the GEO. The park is filled with many trees and fine cut grass and other interesting Flora such as birds. This contrasts with the ecologically ruined Wasteland on the inner Border of Mega-City One. At the begining of the movie the Missing judge was indeed at the GEO but its been sugested that he had infact gone renegade and killed people.

During the second half of chapter 3 Judge Labelle and Eames kill off the assasin and then are told to return to headquarters, then the previews of chapter 4 indicate that Labelle then goes on a asignment to confront ship dock worker Geek Gorgan. Labelle travels to Geek Gorgans hideout at the docks but he is no where to be found.

In Chapter 4 Labelle and Hollister team up to go to the docks to take down Geek Gorgon but unfortunatly he already fled his hideout at the docks. Labelle also talks to Drex in this chapter and discovers that the source of the night club drug and the red powder drug both came from Geek Gorgan, its also revealed that Geek Gorgan came from Brit-Cit. 


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