The Kleggs were a race of carnivorous alien mercaneries from the Klegg Homeworld.

Character BiographyEdit

A group of Kleggs were hired by the insane Judge Cal to help enforce his mad teachings; since Kleggs have little use for money, Cal paid them in meat. After the death of Deputy Chief Judge Fish, their leader Grampus was made the new Deputy Chief Judge and they became Cal's brute force and slaughterd hundreds of citizens in Mega City One. When Cal planned to exterminate the city the Kleggs prepared to leave but were ambushed by Dredd and his forces killing a large number of the Kleggs.

Other Kleggs have appered throughtout time appearing in different stories in 2000 AD, notably Ace Trucking Co and more recently, the Trifecta storyline.

Notable KleggsEdit


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