Letter from a Democrat was a Judge Dredd comic story originally published in 2000 AD Prog 460. It is notable for being the first prog to really focus on themes of democracy and the Judges' role in society, themes that would continue to affect the Judge Dredd series for the rest of its ongoing run.

Summary Edit

Four members of the Democratic Tendency storm a TV broadcast of a live breakfast show at gunpoint. They make a list of demands, including the return of democratic government and the end of totalitarian law enforcement. Dredd and a squad of Judges storm the building, and kill all four of the Tendency members after they refused to surrender.

Before the siege, one of the members - Hester Hyman - wrote a letter to her husband Gort explaining that she believed she had to sacrifice herself for the principles of democracy.

Characters Edit

Notes Edit

  • In her letter to her husband Gort, Hester refers to an incident where their son Simson accidentally hit a Judge with a ball. John Wagner would tell a similar story in America with the characters of Bennett and Ami, which would crystallise many of the themes of totalitarianism and anti-democratic principles that are highlighted here.
  • The later story Judge Dredd: "Revolution" specifies that the date of this story was March 13, 2108.

Reprints Edit

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