Lock-In was a Psi-Judge Anderson comic serial originally published in the Judge Dredd Megazine. It consisted of four parts, serialised between Issues 227 and 230.

Summary Edit

After emerging from her coma in WMD, Cassandra Anderson is given an evaluation to determine whether she can return to duty. Before a result can be determined, Psi-Division HQ is locked down after a man claiming to have visions of death is brought in.

Something leaves the man and enters another prisoner, who turns on two of his cellmates and viciously kills them. The prisoner is killed, and when Anderson scans him she finds his mind was filled with a vision of a Hindu demon of death.

The dead prisoner is somehow revived, and attempts to murder some of the off-duty Psi-Judges. He is killed again, and a deep probe scan reveals that his brain has been "rewired". The deep probe causes all the telepathic Psi-Judges to experience vivid and traumatic hallucinations involving insects and bugs, and one Judge is driven to kill many of the prisoners in the cells.

The deep probe is turned off, and Anderson and Shakta rescue pyrokinetic Juliet November. She is eventually able to use her fire-controlling powers to kill two of the re-animated prisoners who were killing many of the Psi-Judges. Anderson then saves the life of Chief Judge Shenker from Psi-Judge Yughes, and manages to seal the infection inside Yughes using Boing spray.

An analysis of Yughes reveals the entire incident was caused by a nanobot swarm, which could only have been used by someone within Justice Department. Anderson is cleared to return to the duty.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • Anderson learns that during the time she spent in a coma, Orlok was convicted and executed for his crimes (Judge Dredd: "The Trial of Orlok").
  • Anderson has previously relied on Boing to contain a dangerous evil, specifically Judge Death (Judge Dredd: "Judge Death").

Notes Edit

  • Anderson is now nearly 50 years old. She can't take any of the anti-ageing pills as they interfere with brain chemistry and eliminate psi-powers.
  • Perps can get 30 days taken off their sentence if they participate in Judge evaluations.
  • Nano-bots are illegal in Mega-City One, and can only be used by the Justice Department.

Reprints Edit

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