Lucid was a Psi-Judge Anderson comic serial originally published in the Judge Dredd Megazine. It consisted of four parts, serialised between Issues 238 and 241.

Summary Edit

Cassandra Anderson's lucid dreams are invaded by the Sisters of Death, Nausea and Phobia. They seem to be planning to once again use Anderson as a bridge between Deadworld and Mega-City One. Chief Judge Shenker plans to take Anderson off duty as a precaution, but instead uses drugs to keep her awake and on the streets.

Meanwhile, a deadly and fast-acting new disease called Blisteria 101 has infected the residents of Uri Geller Block. Anderson reads one of the dead residents' minds and confirms that Nausea and Phobia are behind it.

A deep probe of Anderson's mind reveals an infection from the Sisters of Death, but she learns that it is a misdirection. The Sisters are actually using the dead body of Mr Clover, whose head fell into an electro-magnetic field and remains "alive" for the Sisters to use.

Anderson and Shakta enter Mr Clover's mind and manage to destroy the psychic bridge linking Deadworld and Mega-City One.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • Anderson refers to the Sisters' previous devastating attack on Mega-City One, which also involved them using her telepathic abilities (Judge Dredd: "Necropolis").
  • The bridge imagery, and the images of death in Anderson's mind, are very similar to those seen in Psi-Judge Anderson: "WMD".
  • During her initial lucid dream, Anderson is re-united with her former lover, Sov-Judge Mikhael Asimov (Psi-Judge Anderson: "Shamballa").

Notes Edit

  • While attacking Anderson and Shakta in Mr Clover's mind, the Sisters of Death unleash their cousins - Pustula, Ephemera and Dementia.
  • Anderson states that it has been "a long time" since she loved the Justice Department.

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