Titan cover Dredd (2)
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family N/A
Postion Ex Judge
Affiliation Mega-City One
Titan Penal Colony
Aimee Nixon
Alignment Corrupt
Status Deceased
Cause Stabbed through head before being blow up with Titan.
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown

McIntosh is an ex-Judge who was sentanced to Titan Penal Colony after having previously been a gaurd there. Many years later he returns after the moon is taken over by Aimee Nixon with the hopes of ruling over Titan.


McIntosh was a heavy built caucasian man, with instantly recogniseable breathing aparatus across his face and long uncut hair.


McIntosh was somewhat insane with a bizzare love for Titan, he longed to be close to it and wouldnt let anyone stand in his way to rule it.


Judge dredd
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