Brit-Cit Book of Law (Dredd)

In this picture Brit-Cit Judge Labelle is seen reading his Criminal code law book just before he goes on his adventure with Judge Eames.

In the movie "Dredd (2012 film)", the Megacity Municipal Code is the law code used by Mega-City One. Judges are allowed to offer slight reductions in sentencing.

The code was seen in book form in Judge Dredd (1995 film) and Cursed Edge .


Examples quoted from the movie:

  • Attempted murder of a judge (life in an Iso-Cube without parole or Death)
  • Manufacture and distribution of narcotics (?)
  • Multiple homicide (life in an Iso-Cube without parole / Death)
  • Murder (Death)
  • Resisting Arrest (Death)
  • Possession and use of controlled substance (2 years Iso-Cube)
  • Prostitution
  • Vagrancy (3 weeks in an Iso-Cube or let off with a warning, if a higher priority crime is being investigated and the vagrant is not in the same place when the Judge or Judges return)
  • Abetting a Felon (5 years )
  • Obstruction of Justice, e.g. interfering with a crime scene, preventing a Judge or Judges from entering a building or withholding information relevant to a case (Automatic 5 years in an Iso-Cube)

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