Lester Grimes (Dredd)

This is a Picture of Lester Grimes talking to his Black friend.

was a pimp and a friend of Lester Grimes. He was seen in Top of the World.

Biography and DescriptionEdit

Virtually nothing is known about him and his back story. Its unclear when he became a pimp, even his criminal record was never mentioned by Judge Dredd like it was for Lester Grimes at the end of the short film. Unfortunatly for viewers and Judge Dredd fans The only thing that is known about him is he apears to be African-American and he likes to smoke cigarettes. Although it remains unclear to viewers what brand of cigarettes Mikey likes to smoke.

The only one thing viewers do know about the history of this character was that he apeared decades before the death of Ma-Ma. This character only apeared one time during Ma-Ma's origin story and nothing is known about since. Therefore he is Chronologically speaking one of the earliest characters in the entire Dredd series appearing long before the characters of Drex and Geek Gorgan many decades later in the late 21st century or early 22nd century. 

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