Judge Minty was an aging Mega City One Judge. He is known for having been one of the first to have taken The Long Walk into the Cursed Earth. It's been indicated by a fan made film "Judge Minty" that Minty was infact not the first to do a Long walk because a skeleton of another Judge was discovered by him on his long walk.


Due to his age his views start to change and he starts to think the people of the Mega City are not that terrible.  However, while on a mission with Judge Dredd he finds himself gun-to-gun with a small time thug.  Due to his reflexes not being as good as they used to be, the thug shoots first and Minty was hospitalised.  While laying in the hospital bed he realised he was no longer fit to be a city Judge. He decided to take The Long Walk out into the Cursed Earth to bring law unto the lawless. He encounters a small band of people in the Cursed earth. He also has to deal with radioactive dust storms.

Minty appears in a later short story having come across a small township and decided to stay there.

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