—Mr. Buzzz
Mr. Buzzz
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family N/A
Postion Gang Leader
Affiliation His unnamed gang
Alignment Criminal
Status Unknown (Sentence Over)
Cause N/A
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown
Mr. Buzzz was a Mutant gang leader who led several robberies across Mega-City One.


Buzzz had a humanoid figure with a hairless skin instead a large domed head, he had large poined ears and a sharp toothed mouth.


Buzzz was somewhat feared among citizens for unknown reasons, and he constantly uttered the word "buzzz".


Buzzz had robbed several high security banks across Mega-City One, Dredd finds his location after interrogateing one of his goons and trails him back to a hotel. Unable to get inside, Dredd set the building alight forceing Buzzz to come crashing through the window allowing for Dredd to arrest the mutant.

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