Nu-Delhi or Delhi-Cit is one of the four Indian city-states, and appears to be the more prosperous out of it and Indo-City. New Delhi was nuked during the Atomic Wars but the megacity has grown despite that.

Psi-Judges have referred to Hindu religion when discussing visions and official missions.[1] The implication is that the city is institutionally Hindu.

Devlin Waugh once refered to the "meat booths" of Nu-Delhi, comparing them to the smell of a village full of corpses.[2]


During the Deros crisis of 2112, a renegade cult set up in the ruins of old Delhi and began building a Tower of Babel out of volunteers’ corpses.[3]

Psi-Judge Bhaji was seconded to Mega-City One in 2115. He had the misfortune to be caught up in Judge Grice's terror attacks.

In 2117, Delhi-Cit was one of the multiple megacities that tried to get access to Tek-Judge Eckhart: they instead claimed to only have a spiritual interest, intended to share any information. They had come prepared with a "god cage" to capture him, believing he was an earthly incarnation of the destroyer god Kali. Dredd ended up decapitating Eckhart and the Delhi team saved his life by giving him a lift home from the Antarctic.[4]

The city may have been hit when the Indian Centre of Pestilence was detonated in 2121.[5]

Indo-Cit's Sanjeev Maktoh tried to flee to Delhi-Cit (from Luna City One) to escape Sov Block blackmail. (Presumably, Delhi doesn't have an extradition treaty with the moon) [6]

In 2127, Sov Block agent Pasha entered Mega-City One under a Nu-Delhi passport.[7]


Judge Bhaji Crusade

Psi-Judge Bhaji

As with most cities, Nu-Delhi/Delhi-Cit is a dictatorship ruled by Judges. They possess an active Psi Division.


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