O'Neil Block is a large block arcology in Sector 13 of Mega-City One which featured in the 2012 film Dredd.

Role in DreddEdit

It is nearby to both Peachtree Block and Ezquerra Block.


The block was named after Kevin O'Neill, artist and former art-editor for 2000AD, who worked extensively with Pat Mills on Nemesis the Warlock, Metalzoic and Marshall Law.

On the 2000AD forum, Writer/Producer Alex Garland stated they had misspelled O'Neill's surname in the film:

"Apart from Peach Trees and Sternhammer, most of the block names are named after artists and writers of 2000AD, one with a horrifically embarrassing typo."

"Question two : Did you add the 's' onto the end of Peach Tree on purpose?, I just misremembered Peach Trees.  And I also misspelled O'Neill's name on his block, which I'm just completely confused and mortified about."

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