S-5 Pleasure District

This is a Picture of the Pleasure district in Sector 5. as shown in Cursed Edge.

Pleasure districts are places in Mega-City One that are known today in the 21st century as "Red light Districts" in which people go to when they want to hang out with prostitutes and have sex.

List of pleasure districtsEdit

  • The S-5 pleasure district this is the Pleasure district in which Judge Avon Hollister went to track down Drex and arrest him in the Movie Cursed Edge.
  • The S-9 pleasure district this is where Ma-Ma worked before she was sliced up by her pimp. Not much is known, it is never seen and almost nothing is known.
  • The S-21 pleasure district seen from 2:20 to 2:30 in the fourth vignette\chapter of Cursed Edge. Wally Squad Judge Dirty Frank's current post is located somewhere near this location.


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