Puerto Lumina is a human settlement on the surface of Earth's moon and one of the solar systems most notorious no-gos. Efil Drago San hails from it.

Neighbours include Luna City One and the Sino Block's city Zhang Heng.


As corporations have food, water, and oxygen sewn up and payments are necessary to keep breathing, Puerto Lumina is split between two extremes: a downtrodden wage-slave population and a highly brutal, desperate criminal underworld.[1]

Brit-Cit used to be one of the few city-states that was dirty enough to trade with it.[2]


Puerto Lumina was formed before 2070. It rejected the Judge system and the Oxygen Board set-up of Luna 1, and was embargoed for it. Deprived of vital resources, riots, lawlessness, and cannibalism spread through the colony[3] until trade with Brit-Cit was opened up.

By the 2110s, the settlement had come under the control of corporate "supply-and-control" companies and an international Judge force anyway. The crime rate was one of the highest in the system.[4]

InterDep was headquartered close to Puerto Lumina from 2114 to 2117.[5]

In 2124, Puerto Lumina requested Efil Drago San's extradition from Mega-City One. MC-1 refused to even acknowledge the request because of the settlement's anti-Judge stance.[6]

Andean Judge Rodriguez had grown up in the Lumina barrios before emigrating to the Conurb. This was used as a reason to send him to Luna-1 during the Moon-U crisis.[7]


By 2117, as with other lunar colonies, Judges from Earth were sent on a 12-month tour of Lumina to keep the peace. The death rate for these Judges was between 70 to 80 percent. [8]


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