Judge Rico
Not to be confused with Rico Dredd.

Rico is a Judge serving in Mega-City One. A clone of Eustace Fargo, the father of justice, Rico has the same DNA as both Rico Dredd and Judge Joe Dredd and others.

Character biographyEdit

Since Judges Joe Dredd and Rico Dredd were cloned from the DNA of Chief Judge Fargo in 2066 , at least Eight Further clones of the Fargo Bloodline have been Produced by the Mega City one Justice Department. Rico was originally cloned to serve with Texas City's Justice Department. Rico is Texas city's Counterpart to Judge Joseph Dredd and is a Local Hero there.

He is known for having gone into Pursuit of the Angel Gang into the Cursed Earth. after the Angel Gang began a seres of crimes in Texas city where they were originaly Based. after Judge Rico could no longer pick up the trail of the Angel gang he returned to Texas City Worked a few more cases for Several more years then he Immigrated to Mega City One around 2122 at the age of  55. He then worked there as a judge until his retirement. Its unclear weather or not he took The Long Walk.

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