Rinus Limpopop Quintz
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Postion Intergalactic Salesman
Affiliation Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Status Either still in incarceration or released
Cause Unknown
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown
Rinus Limpopop was a minor antagonist in the Judge Child saga.


Quintz was a tall alien with elongated arms. He wore a spider legged-like headress and a large furred body, his face was covered in lines with tiny black eyes.


Quintz was a deceiptful tradesman, who would try to take any situation and turn it in his favour.


Rinus Limpopop Quintz was an Alien travelling salesman, he came aboard the Starship as a hitch hiker, and tried to sell his goods to the judges Hershey , Larter and Dredd, but was told to pack his stuff away by dredd. Later he angrily shrinks down the three Judges using Terlian Warpers the same material his suitcase was made from, when trying to escape he is stopped by the ships robots that demand to know were the judges are, Rinus prepares to do the same to the robots but miniature versions of Dredd, Larter and Hershey and use the Warpers on Rinus shrinking him down to their size and put the tiny Rinus away to lock up later.

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