Post-war Scandinavia had formed a Scandinavian Sub-State by the 2120s and, a few years later, the Scandinavian Confederation, of which little is known. A city-state of Midgard has also been mentioned. World maps[1] depict a vast ice desert that covers all of Norway, northern Finland, the north and northwest of Sweden.

Sweden dominates the sex-mek market. Their most advanced robots are almost indistinguishable from real women and Per Lunquest was famed for designing the world's finest sex-meks, the now-antique Series 7 Love Droid (of which P.J. Maybe's Inga was one of the few remaining).

The Scandinavian Express flies from the state to Mega-City One.[2]

In the Judge Dredd Mega-Special #1 map (set 2110), Scandinavia was depicted as part of the Sov Block.


The European City-States opposed President Booth and were targeted during the Atomic Wars.

Eliza "Jinx" Salamanga was a Grade One technopath, able to psychically interact with machinery through a binary language. She escaped to Mega-City One from a Svalbard psych-ward around 2102. [3]

Helsinki hosted the Olympics in 2112. Devlin Waugh won the gold for Brit-Cit in flower arranging but it turned out he'd been using steroids.[4]

The Scandinavian Sub-State was a market leader in 'girlfriend' robots in 2124, with their pricey Au Pair range.[5]

The 'meatmonger' aliens abducted dozens of civilians from the Norway Dust-Zone in their 2125 raid.[6]

In 2126, the city-state of Midgard attended the Global Justice Summit in Mega-City One (where Chief Judge Sven was the first to say Hershey should capitulate to the Judda to save the rest of them). It was also one of the foreign powers watching Luna-1 in case it fell into chaos and they could stake a claim.[7]

Scandic mega-chess champion Sven Tefallsen was the prototype of a next stage in human intelligence, boasting 300 IQ points. He was still barred from the 2126 Mega-Chess Championships in Mega-City One as he'd forgotten to apply for a visa.[8]

The Scandinavian Confederation had a Consul in Mega-City One. In 2130, the consul's son Sven Helvig Larrsen was abducted by Total War; they demanded the release of all Total War prisoners in exchange for the boy. The Fargo Clan were able to track the boy down. [9]

Sov agent Nadia, under her cover identity of "Silva Torsen", was responsible for importing the late Otto Sump's Ugly craze into Scandinavia.


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