Sentry Robots
Eggbots zpsdac1b897
Biographical information
Gender N/A (Presumably Male Programmed)
Family N/A
Postion Security Gaurds
Affiliation Call-Me-Kenneth (Leader)
Alignment Evil
Status N/A
Cause N/A
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown

The Sentry Robots were gaurds that patrolled Call-Me-Kenneth's base.


The Robots were large and ammusingly egg shaped. They moved along in little caterpillar tracks. Around the center of the body were several tentacles with claws on the end. They had four red eyes and a blue dome at top.


As Walter the Wobot and Judge Dredd infiltrate the base of Call-Me-Kenneth they encounter the oversized egg-like robots. They question the Judge and the Robot about what they were doing here and Walter tells them that he was an android designed to replicate the Judge, the two robots belive him and they pass them however one of the robots notice Dredd trailing blood from a previous injury and capture the two, taking them to their leader.

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