Shakta was a Psi-Judge working alongside Cassandra Anderson.

Shakta helped watch over Anderson while she remained in a coma after an encounter with Judge Death (Judge Death: "My Name is Death").

She then joined the team of psychonauts that journeyed into Anderson's mind to defeat the Half-Life virus that had been implanted in her after her time on Deadworld (Psi-Judge Anderson: "WMD"). During this experience she is blinded.

Shakta had thought she had formed a bond with the Department of the Supernatural witch Gistane, but was unaware that he had been manipulated by Chief Fauster and was infected with the Half-Life virus.

During the lock-down of Psi-Division HQ after Anderson's recovery, Shakta helps Anderson to end the attack. She was learning to adjust to her blindness (Psi-Judge Anderson: "Lock-In").

After the Half-Life virus was fully released, Shakta worked with Anderson to defeat Fauster and Gistane (Psi-Judge Anderson: "City of Dead").

When the Sisters of Death attempt to once again invade Mega-City One, Shakta helps Anderson destroy their psychic bridge from Deadworld (Psi-Judge Anderson: "Lucid").

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