Sky-surfing is a fictional sport practiced in the world of Judge Dredd, often featuring the champion sky-surfer Chopper. It is like ordinary surfing, but is done on a surfboard rigged with anti-gravity that floats in the air. The surfer stands on the board and controls its speed with a foot pad on the board's surface. Whilst not illegal in and of itself, it is implied that there is a minimum height limit in Mega-City One as low level Sky Surfing is a listed crime.

Championship sky-surfing, such as in the "Oz" storyline, often involves racing on sky-surfboards through obstacles such as the rigging of a sailing ship or a factory's machines. As can be imagined, it is a very dangerous sport.

In The Rookie's Guide to Crazes, a supplement for the Judge Dredd D20 System RPG, Sky-Surfing is the first craze covered. It reveals the history of the sport (such as that it was invented by a juve named Bruce O'Connel in Oz) and details the various championship races:

  • The King's Challenge, held in Luxor City, one of the Four Wonders of the Modern World
  • The Shogun Cup, held in Hondo City in Japan
  • The Le Mans Open, held in Euro-City, not regarded very highly because of the many difficulties the location presents, such as that speaking anything other than French is a crime
  • The Montezuma 3000, held in South America
  • The Henley Regatta, held in Brit-Cit
  • The Supersurf, the grand-championship tournament and most important race of all held in Oz from Supersurf 8 onwards.

Other Skysurf events of note (as mentioned in 2000 AD) are:

  • The All-Europa Crown
  • The Baltic Masters

Notable Skysurf Champions[edit] Edit

  • Dak Goodvibes, winner of Supersurf 1
  • Yogi Yakamoto,winner of Supersurf 6
  • Marlon 'Chopper' Shakespeare, winner of Supersurf 7 & 13
  • Jug McKenzie, winner of Supersurf 8, 9 & 10
  • WipeOut Jones, winner of Supersurf 12
  • Cyril 'Lord' Bungay, winner of The 2109 All-Europa Crown
  • Jurgen Hasslinger, winner of the 2110 Baltic Masters

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