Slo-Mo Drug


is a fictional drug featured in the 2012 film Dredd.

Role in DreddEdit

Slo-Mo was manufactured in the Peach Trees building located in the Peachtree Block of Sector 13 by the Ma-Ma Clan. The Drug was first invented by chemist and old time friend of Madeline Madrigal: Eric , as was revealed in the Dredd 2012 prequel comic: Top of the world. Slo-Mo is a caramel-colored liquid that comes in a white inhaler with a clear capsule. The white inhaler has a heart on it to mark the Ma-Ma Clan.


The drug appears to be a psychedelic that slows the users perception of time to 1% of its normal speed. It also makes the user see colours more vividly, and appears to have a euphoric effect. Using a Slo-Mo inhaler results in the mouth of the user suffering from freezer burn. It also (as a by-product) prolongs any feelings of pleasure or pain that the user feels at the time of taking it.



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