The Jimps Club was a story that featured in 2000AD Free Comic Book Day 2013.


Judge Dredd is leading a routine crime blitz of Miguel Ferrer Block.  Two Judge Impersonators have joined the squad of judges under the names of Judge McKinley and Judge Taylor.

Having escaped with their ruse once, Taylor announces to the organisation that he has formed, The Jimps Club, that he intends to repeat their actions at a planned raid on a Stookie factory on the Eastside.

Another member of the club, Lyle, attends.  In the heat of the moment he overacts the part, giving them away and getting himself killed.  Taylor is last seen cradling Lyle's body in his arms with Dredd's lawgiver pointing at his head.


Miguel Ferrer Block

Stookie factory , Eastside






Roderick Taylor, aka Judge Taylor

McKinley, aka Judge McKinley

Lyle, aka Judge Lyle

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