Judged gang member.

The Judged were one of the three main gangs in Peachtree Block before Ma-Ma and her clan wiped out all the competition.

Role in DreddEdit

The Judged typically sport either tattoos or some kind of face paint with which is usually red and black to make their heads look like the helmet of a judge. Clothing is usually a biker jacket again to symbolize the uniform of a Judge, typically red and black.


  • A jacket of one of the Judged can be seen at the end of Dredd the movie hanging on Ma Ma's wall. Its likely a trophy of an important victim from this gang. It is likely the same one Ma-Ma held at the beginning of the film after the last Judged member had been killed on the first floor to symbolize her ultimate takeover of Peach Trees.
  • The ethnicity of the gang is unknown, it would appear in the film that there are Asian, Hispanic and possibly even unconfirmed white and black members not seen in the film.
  • It is unclear which Illegal Business activity the Judged specialized in. It could be Drugs, prostitution, extortion, racketeering etc. or some combination of said activities.