"The Robot Wars" is the first multi-issued Judge Dredd comic story in 2000AD. It was written John Wagner and started in April 1977, ended in June 1977. The Prologue started in Prog 9 and the main story in Prod 10.




  • Transatlantic Tunnel Interpass
  • Sector 2
  • Sector 4
  • Sector 7
  • Sector 9
  • Atmosphere Control


  • Myclon Gas
  • Police Bloodhound Robot
  • High Explosive Ammo
  • Robo-Dogs

Time frameEdit

  • 2099


Publication HistoryEdit

  • "The Robot Wars" • John Wagner • Ron Turner, Ian Gibson(art) • 2000AD Prog 9-17 (comic) April 1977 to June 1977

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