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The Uglies are citizens who wish to artificially uglify themselves to achieve a unique appearance. Followers use uglification products or body modification to enhance their ugliness or negate their attractiveness.

Ug Rock, a type of loud and discordant music, is popular with Uglies.


Otto Sump, a hideously unattractive person, was chosen to tell his pitiful life story on a talk show. He made such an impression on the viewers that he received a huge cash prize. He used his winnings to found a cosmetics company. However, his skewed sense of beauty meant that he made products that made the user ugly. Sump's celebrity, however, made him a fashion plate. His customers sought to emulate his ugliness, making Sump very wealthy.

Sump ProductsEdit

  • Bulgetrex: Makes eyes redden and swell.
  • Bogle Drops: Nose drops that induces runny nose and snot-production.
  • Flabbon: Adds layers of cellulite.
  • Fuzz: Grows body hair.
  • KwikLime Shampoo: Burns off hair at the roots.
  • Lip Chapper: Chaps lips.
  • Pimplex: Pimple-inducing cream.
  • Sump Paste: Creates cavities in teeth.
  • Wart-On: Wart-inducing cream.

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