In preparation of the release of Dredd 3D in theaters on September 21st, Liongsate has just released a prologue to the film in comic form. The comic reveals the "secret history" of the character Ma-Ma and it can be viewed below as both a motion comic and a 16 page traditional comic.

The story was written by Matt Smith with art by Henry Flint, Chris Blythe, and Simon Bowland, and was created in collaboration with 2000 AD.

In the film, Ma-Ma is prostitute-turned-druglord who rules a 200-story skyscraper slum, and Joseph Dredd (along with his new rookie partner) must combat her ruthless clan. Carry on below for the backstory on Ma-Ma. It's a must read before seeing the movie!

Motion Comic Prologoue

Dredd 3D - Motion Comic02:56

Dredd 3D - Motion Comic

Comic Prologue

Which do you prefer as a prologue to a film?

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