The Volgan Republic of Asia invaded Britain and swathes of Western Europe in the Eight Hour War on January 1, 1999. Its symbol was a yellow skull, bordered by a "V". In the 21st century, sometime before the invention of Mega-City One, they were defeated by robot-led American forces.

History in the stripEdit

In early progs and Annuals, Invasion!, Ro-Busters, and Flesh (all Pat Mills strips in continuity with each other) were also loosely in continuity with Judge Dredd and Harlem Heroes. There were references to the under-construction Mega-City One and the Harlem Heroes games in Hammerstein's War Memories and Ro-Jaws Memories, while a Mega-City Time Tour feature in the Annuals[1] refers to 1999 England as another holiday destination. However, the Volgans were conspicuously absent from the actual 'Dreddverse' stories except for Hammerstein: a crossover with ABC Warriors written by Pat Mills.

ABC Warriors: The Volgan War Book 1 and Origins would explicitly retcon the Volgans out of Dredd's universe: there's no mention of the Volgan War or ABC Warriors in Origins and Mills showed the war continuing into the 2080s, with no Atomic War, Judges, Sovs, or end of the presidency.


The Volgans were originally meant to be the Soviet Union, with Invasion! set in the late 1980s. IPC changed this at the eleventh hour for fear of insulting the Russian embassy (there was a detente period in 1977); all the red stars were whited out and turned into skulls, and "Volgans" substituted in the text.[2] In 2004, Savage would explicitly make them Russian and that the new name came from the dominant Volgan People's Party.

There's no V in the Russian alphabet. In 2013, Pat Mills retconned this as a freemason symbol.


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