WMD was a Psi-Judge Anderson comic serial originally published in the Judge Dredd Megazine. It consisted of six parts, serialised between Issues 221 and 226.

Summary Edit

Cassandra Anderson remains in a coma after the events of Half-Life. The Judges are now aware that a psychic virus now exists within her mind, and decide to risk of a team of telepaths entering into her unconscious mind to deal with it.

A team of Psi-Judges and a witch from the Department of the Supernatural make the journey, and face a range of terrifying obstacles in their quest to rescue Anderson from the trap of her own mind. They encounter versions of Judge Death, Orlok, Judge Corey and even Satan.

After one of the team is driven insane, another killed and another blinded, the remainder eventually face off against a huge psychic version of Half-Life. Anderson is freed and wakes up in the real world, but the Half-Life infection has passed over into the witch Gistane.

Characters Edit

Notes Edit

  • The powerful being Satan returns within Anderson's embattled mind.

Reprints Edit

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