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A Wally Squad Judge is a member of the undercover Judge unit in the Justice Department. Wally Squad Judges dress and act like

Judge Frank

typical citizens, much to the dismay of regular judges assigned to work with them.

After the Day of Chaos incident, the Wally Squad Judges, the Special Judicial Squad and the Public Surveillance Unit were folded into the new Undercover Operations Division.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Judge Travis
  • Judge Jack Point - poses as a Simp (a subculture where the members dress in ridiculous outfits and act like idiots). Dresses like a circus clown.
  • Judge Dirty Frank - A former special operations operative who operates within the Megacity region known as the Lowlife
  • Judge Frank - a character in the Dredd spin-off miniseries known as Cursed Edge.
  • Yvonne Hollister - a character in the Dredd spin-off miniseries known as Cursed Edge

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